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Salt is not only the spice of life, but its very essence. More precious than gold or jewels to ancient peoples, these captivating crystals enable life to thrive in even the most dry, desolate landscapes.

At an incredible 418 meters below sea level, the enchanting waters of the Dead Sea hold the key to life itself – and their uniquely high salt content (around 30%, compared to just 4% in the oceans) is only the beginning. Containing 26 essential minerals, 12 of which cannot be found in any other sea or ocean, the Dead Sea is a genuine treasure trove for all those seeking optimal skin health and flawless beauty.

The iconic black mud harvested from the Dead Sea's shores has also accumulated exceptionally rich mineral deposits over the centuries, including remarkably high levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron, and iron. This mineral-rich mud provides an exhilarating deep-cleansing experience, effectively clearing pores while absorbing excess oils, dirt, and makeup residue.

Unlike other preparations that often sap the skin of vital hydration and nutrients, Dead Sea mud actually seals in moisture, making it the ideal choice to address many common skin concerns. Its fine natural grain gently sweeps away tired old cells, revealing a fresh, youthful look and radiant appearance. These outstanding qualities are just some of the reasons why Dead Sea treatments are in such high demand at the world's most exclusive spas, as well as for utterly luxurious daily face and body care at home.

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